Everplast ready-mixed plaster


ready mix plaster in punePlaster is a building material. It is used for decorative and protective coating of walls ceilings. It is also used for molding and casting decorative elements. Ready-mixed plasters come in the form of powders. User has to mix it with water to form a firm but flexible paste. It can be applied to surfaces with the help of metallic tools or sand papers for the best results.The reaction with water liberates heat through crystallization and the hydrated plaster hardens. Plaster is an effective tool in architecture, art, funeral processes, medicine, protection against fire etc.There are three prominent types of plaster, which contain gypsum, lime and cement.

Everplast is a ready-mixed cement plaster in Pune. It is configured with high-quality additives. It can be used on bricks, blocks and stone walls as well as on concrete surfaces. It’s a product by Evergreen Homes. Evergreen homes is a Pune-based company that manufactures building materials such as ready-mixed plaster, AAC blocks, Superjoint AAC blocks adhesive, Superbond tile mortar. Pune is not the only single city where evergreen has reached. It is a well-known ready-mixed plaster in Nashik also.

It comes with low rebound that reduces wastage. It is not shrunk or cracked when dried. It works efficiently with minimal quantities of water. The plaster is not smooth sometimes and rough the other times. It retains its quality thoroughly. It spreads easily providing better coverage and it better holding. It increases labor efficiency decreasing the cost of the same.

It is a ready- to-use blend of selected additives that just has to be mixed with water before applying. At appears as a grayish granular powder with Portland cement as a main binder.it gives a glossy and smooth finish. It requires minimum water for mixing and minimum curing after application.

ready mix plaster in pune

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