Benefits of Everplast

EVERPLAST is best ready mix plaster in pune with high quality polymer additives which can be used efficiently on bricks, blocks, stone walls as well as on concrete surfaces. Everplast plaster application thickness is 06-12mm and has smooth finishing as well as sharp edges . It can be used on inner and outer walls. Everplast is best to use for multiple objects such as bricks, blocks, concrete surfaces and stonewalls.It is water resistant with high quality and sustainability.Rendering with everplast have lesser chances of developing cracks. Made with graded sand which enhances the durability.Everplast in pune evergreen everplast

Benefits of Everplast

  • Less rebound reducing wastage
  • Reduces drying shrinkage cracks
  • Eco-friendly
  • Reduces water usage
  • Consistent quality for plaster
  • Improves labour productivity
  • Reduces labour cost

Evergreen enterprises is the best company for plaster in pune because everplast not sells the products but everplast also provides the best and satisfactory services.

  • Everplast has the smooth finish.
  • Everplast requires less curing.
  • There are very negligible shrinkage cracks and the chances of wastage of materials are very less (1-2% only).
  • Everplast requires less manpower.
  • The coverage is 0.2/Kg/Sq.ft/mm and the mixing is easy.
  • The quality of everplast is consistent and the raw material is processed. It does
  • not contain slit or salt.
  • Water permeability of everplast is negligible.
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