Evergreen TA STD



  • It is prepacked factory controlled which ensures consistent quality.
  • Excellent adhesion – hence can be used tile on tile apart from concrete and plaster substrates.
  • Excellent waterproofing characteristics.
  • Easy to use.
  • Spreads quickly and easily gives sufficient time to set the tiles.
  • Good slip resistance.
  • Ensures perfect water tightness.
  • Extended open time.



Evergreen TA STD is pre-packed cementitious tile adhesive conforming to BS 5980 Class AA Type 1 and suitability for contact with potable water as per BS 6920, part 1. It confirms to IS 15477 : 2004. Evergreen TA STD is approved by Bureau of Indian Standard vide ISI registration no.CM/L-3717363.




Evergreen TA STD is a high quality adhesion for permanent fixing of ceramic and vitrified tiles and for fixing of insulating & acoustic boards. Also used in interior wet areas like kitchens & bathrooms.




Evergreen TA STD is a cementitious tile adhesive ideal for concrete, plaster and also tile substrates. It is an adhesive for the permanent fixing of ceramic and vitrified tiles both in damp and submerged conditions. Evergreen TA STD can also be used for fixing tile on tile.


Typical Properties:


  • Physical Appearance: Grey Powder
  • Fresh wet Density: 2.1 kg/lit.
  • Chloride Ion Content: < 0.2%
  • Temp. Resistance: 20°C to 70°C





Surface Preparation: All surfaces must be sound, clean and free from loose particles. All traces of oil and grease must be removed with FM DEGREASER- solvent based degreaser.

Application: Evergreen TA STD should be mixed with water in the ratio of 3:1 by volume with the help of slow speed drill having paddle attachment. After mixing, 3-4 mm thick bed of Evergreen TA STD should be spread with the help of trowel and grooves shall be shaped zig-zag using a scraper. Tiles should be fixed having a minimum spacing of 2mm around each tile. Tiles should be fixed keeping line and length into consideration. Excess adhesive should be removed before material has set. Joint grouting may be commenced 24 hours after laying of tiles.

Curing: Joint grouting of tiles laid on Evergreen TA STD can be done after 24hrs. Grouting can be done by Evergreen TG.


Packing & Coverage


Packing Evergreen TA STD is supplied in 25 kg HDPE bag.

Coverage 25 kg of Evergreen TA STD will cover 5 to 8m2 with recommended thickness of 3 to 4 mm.


Health & Safety


Evergreen TA STD is non-toxic. However, splashes on the skin should be washed well with water and if contact with eye occurs, wash well with water and seek medical advise.



Evergreen TA STD is prepacked cementitious tile adhesive which ensures excellent bond on concrete, plastered and even on ceramic and vitrified tile surface with a packing of 25kg and will cover 5 to 8m2 with recommended thickness of 3 to 4mm in accordance with the instruction of FAIRMA