What is ready mix plaster

No 1 ready mix plaster in pune

Ready mix plaster material

A ready-mix plaster is prepared by blending cement, sand and selective additives. it is helpful since all the ingredients have already been blended. All one has to do is to add water and apply the plaster. Evergreen provide No 1 Ready Mix Plaster in Pune,Maharashtra.

Ready mix plaster plant

Sand, gypsum, cement, lime recombined at a ready mix plaster plant. These ingredients are also blended with colour pigments as per requirements. A perfectly good mixture will lead not only to the perfect distribution of even the smallest quantities of additives but also to optimum opening of fibers.

Ready mix plaster specification

Parameter Specifications


Appearance Grey Coloured Powder (Granular)


Bulk Density 1.4 -1.7 kg / Litre
Pot Life 1-2 Hours


Water Ratio 17-19% by weight
Compressive Strength As per IS 4031-Part-6
Coverage For 10 to 12mm thickness on block masonry coverage is approx. 16 to 17 sq.ft.


Basic Binder Ordinary Portland Cement

Evergreen ready mix plaster

Evergreen ready mix plaster is a product by evergreen company which has its plan in Pune. The company is well known for its environment friendly products.

Best ready plast in pune

Evergreen plaster is the best ready plast in pune. It is manufactured with choicest elements with the highest quality. The company that manufacture this plaster is well known for its sustainable products.

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